The desire to have it all at once is the cause of cruelty in adolescents. Children who know no limitations can grow up to become criminals. An extreme case is the murder of one's own parents. Psychologists say that cruelty in adolescents is a sign of their inability to accept any punishment.

Most frequently children commit crimes in a group when challenged by their peers to try drugs, beat up a weaker kid, or rob somebody. In 95% of cases, this behavior is channeled against their parents, which occasionally costs the parents their lives. There are no exact figures on how many parents are murdered by their children, but it is not an uncommon phenomenon.

Just recently, Russian society has been shaken by several cruel parent killings by their children. In St. Petersburg, a 17-year-old stabbed his mother to death in front of his grandmother for not letting him play videogames. At the same time in Moscow, a 19-year-old killed his mother and grandmother in order to inherit two apartments.

Cases of parent murder by adolescents or even children are not rare in the rest of the world either. The motives of such murders are sometimes shocking due to their absurdity. Last spring in Saudi Arabia a bizarre crime took place - a four-year old boy shot his father who refused to buy him a Sony PlayStation.

Oftentimes adolescents kill their parents who are opposed to their romantic relationships. Over the last few months, the press has reported such cases from India, Jordan, and Peru. Yet psychologists still believe the popular opinion that lately such cases have become more frequent is false. Nevertheless, the realities of our time undoubtedly influence the formation of adolescents' mentality, says Sveltana Uspenskaya, a psychologist with the Moscow Service of Psychological Help to the Population:

"There is truly a lot of cruelty. And if we look at the computer games for teenage kids, it turns out that few of them are of intellectual nature. The dominant type is the action games where they play at some war, where one overpowers the other. There is little humanity in there, it is primarily cruelty."

One must not forget that murder is just the extreme result of adolescent violence. More often lesser crimes come about from problematic childhoods, such as sexual abuse, theft, as well as selling drugs. Analysts are unanimous that the main cause of such behavior is the situation at home. Psychologist Roberto Vincenzi states that today parents often do not spend a sufficient amount of time with their children, worrying only about their material wellbeing.

"Many modern families are weak and unable to pass onto their children their value system, rules, upbringing, the ability to give up something, i.e. the recognition that you can't have it all at once. When such a child grows, up he finds himself in a society where he has to overcome disenchantment. But he does not know how. He wants to get everything at the same time here as well. And that is the parents' fault."

However, when the crime is already committed, a family problem turns into a social one. For society, it is very important to have juvenile criminals return to normal life. Tatiana Ivanova, a law enforcement officer at the Juvenile Penitentiary Institution in Georgievsk, Sverdlovsky region, stresses that it is vital to help them realize that a punishment is inevitable. Otherwise, the consequences of committing such a crime are irreversible.

"Such crimes are in reality very dangerous for our society, including the criminal himself. Because at such a young age it makes such an impression that in the future it will be very difficult to change or correct."

Juvenile crime is chilling in its unpredictability and cruelty. However, the scariest thing is its consequences - the destruction of young lives. It would be very difficult for them to build a normal respectable life, which is often not possible without external help.